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15 Advantages Of Mi 10 Pro And How You Can Make Full Use Of It.

mi 10 pro

The story of the new MI 10 Pro phone
 Here’s a little description of mi 10 pro,
 Xiaomi’s latest flagship this year is the MI 10 Series, so in this post I will talk about the MI 10 Pro.

How much is a phone
  This will be released in China
 The base model, the 8 GB Ram and the 256 GB storage, are priced at 4,999 yuan ($ 707)
 The 12 GB Ram, 256 GB Storage will cost 5,499 Yuan ($ 778) which is about 147,500 Yuan
 12 GB Ram, 512 GB Storage is 5,999 Yuan ($ 849) which means it costs 161,000 Yuan
  Why so much?
 This time the phone is the best hardware available, as you can read it below,
 And other major phone companies that have similar hardware, the base model of the phones jumps to $1000

How’s performance on the phone?
 This phone has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 7nm + processor which is currently one of the most powerful processors in the world.
 So this phone is 25% more powerful than the mi 9 that came out last year,
 And 25% less battery life,

 RAM and storage
 One version comes with 8GB LPDDR 5 RAM and 256 GB storage
 The other version comes with a 12 GB LPDDR 5 RAM and 256 GB storage
 As mentioned above, the most expensive one comes with a 12 GB LPDDR 5 RAM and 512 GB storage.
 And all of these models have UFS 3.0 storage storage, so you can look at larger storage speed improvements than last year’s UFS 2.1,
 It is interesting to note that the LPDDR 5 ram has been used this year instead of the LPDDR 4X ram that came in last year, so the storage speed has increased this time.
 At the same time, they use a liquid cooling system to minimize the heat of the cell, which they call a VC Liquid Cooling, which uses a large vapor chamber and six graphite layers to quickly absorb the heat inside the chamber.  They use a gel, but they also have the ability to manage power and temperature with a system like other phones.  Hats are
 Xiaomi’s best cooling system worked well with the previous ones, so with this phone we can see something similar or bigger, so absorbing the heat quickly does not increase the temperature of the processor,  The Thermal Throttling may get at least one performance,

mi 10 pro

What’s a Battery Life?
 They have a battery that has a capacity of 4500mah which can be used for most of the time, so this is not the biggest battery in the segment, but it has a good battery life on most phones.
 And this phone is charging 50W (50 watts), this is the fastest phone in the world right now,
 You can do this in 0 minutes from 0% to 100%,
 I’ll give you an example if it’s more difficult to imagine, Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Charging 0% 100% It takes 2 hours to charge the battery in a small capacity, but the mi 10 pro’s charging speed is so high, so battery life is a lot on this phone  Well, I can tell you,
 It also supports 30 watts of wireless charging, so it’s currently one of the world’s fastest wireless charging phones.
 (I get 65W chargers on the phone)
 And this phone also supports 5G and WIFI 6, but we won’t use it


What’s the cam on the phone that came with so many things?
 In short, one of the best camera phones in the world right now.  It also got 124 points on the DXO Mark, as well as being the most popular phone on the Galaxy S20 Ultra (122 points), the iPhone 11 Pro Max (117 points) and the Huawei Mate 30 Pro (123 Points).  It’s a fact.  However, the cameras on the phones I mentioned above outperformed the Mi 10 pro, but the Huawei P40 Pro (128 points), which is number one, failed to outperform the camera.
 There’s four cameras on the back of this phone,
 108 megapixel main camera The camera also comes with a good aperture of f1.7. The camera is equipped with both pace detection autofocus and laser autofocus to make focusing easy at any time.
 12 megapixel telephoto camera The camera features a dual Pixel Autofocus with a f2.0 aperture and the fastest focusing system available.
 With this camera we can zoom 2X or double, because this is a camera that comes with a zoom camera, so when you do a 2X zoom on a normal phone, digital image is not like cropping.
 Another telephoto camera at 8 megapixels f2.0 Just like the aforementioned 12 megapixel telephoto camera can do 2X zoom, this camera can zoom up to 3.7X without any dot loss, no more image zoom, and you can zoom in between 10X and more using both optical and digital.
 It also comes with a 20 megapixel f2.2 UltraVide camera, This camera can capture a wider range of images than we can take,
 For example, when you place a bottle on a table and take the photo from the Normal camera, you can take the entire photo from the UltraWide camera, so that it can capture more space than the normal camera.
 Also, based on their software, the place where the photo is taken, there is an option that changes the colors, colors, noises, temperatures, shadows, highlights, etc. They call AI Pixel Optimization.

Rear camera video
 1080P Full HD in 30fps, 60fps, 120fps and Slowmotion videos from 240fps and The 960 fps Super SlowMotion video is also available
 2160P (4K Video) can be done at 30fps and 60fps
 And 8K video can be done at 30 fps.
 We also have a very good pro mod where you can control the gauges and take photos and videos, like Shutter Speed, White Balance, Focal Length, iso, Exposure, etc.
 Front side camera
 Camera with 20 megapixel f2.0 aperture and video resolution up to 1080P

Sound how is it?
 This is the best two speakers on a phone right now. I mean, I haven’t looked at that much cool speaker on a cell phone yet.  It’s a little different than other phones, with a big difference.
 If you have a 3.5mm headset jack, you won’t find it here, but you can find a converter in the box that can knock the 3.5mm jack out of the normal type C port.
 Or you can use a compatible headset or a Bluetooth headset with the Mi 10 Pro that comes with Type C.
 This phone also comes with a 24bit, 192 kilohertz soundtrack system that sounds good on Mi’s high-end phones. With MI’s Audio Tweaks

How’s the display?
 No big big spec, but a nice, 6.67-inch 1080P Full HD AMOLED display, with a nice little curvy display that doesn’t need to be worn and doesn’t need to be.
 Yeah you can’t find a 2K display on this one, but 1080P is a pretty big no-no display.  Compared to the price of the phone, it is a decent display
 The display also has a refresh rate of 90 Hz, and a good 180 Hz sampling rate, so a good sensitivity can take a lot of Smooth Experience.
 The display also supports HDR 10+ and P3 Wide Color Gamut,
 There’s also a very good contrast ratio, like 5000000: 1,
 And one of the best Brightness levels, like 1200 Nit,
 Even with the 1080P, Overall’s got a pretty good color acoustic display

So is the phone worth it?
 Yeah, well worth it, probably one of the most affordable phones available for Rs.
 Because a lot of the stuff that Price gets for it is usually about 170,000 Rupees on another cell phone.
 Snapdragon 865 processor 8 GB, 12GB ddr5 ram Ufs 3.0 Storage 108mp Camera and other camera combinations Battery Life and Charging Speed Sound system Build and Design

 A phone that gave you the best of all things, a less-than-perfect phone that competes with a more popular flagship, and in some ways a better-performing phone,
 And what’s on offer, in the name of real-world use, without actually being named, works exactly the same,
 One of the cheapest phones to buy.
 Anyone who wants to buy a cell phone can record it without any problem.

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