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How One Plus 8 Pro Can Make You happy

one plus 8 pro

Before we take a look at the OnePlus 8 Pro.
 The One Plus 8 Pro is the top phone out of their phones released by Oneplus this year (2020),
 And it’s a cell phone that a bunch of people use, and a bunch of other people don’t know,

how much is this phone?

 Base model is 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage is just like a phone ($ 899)
 The model ($ 999) comes with a 12 GB Ram and 256 GB storage Why so much? Just a little bit, but there are a lot of things ahead of time. Let’s see at the end of the post.
 How’s the phone’s performance this time? As always, Qualcomm’s newest processor this year is the Snapdragon 865 7nm +.  So as I said in previous posts, this processor is one of the most powerful processors in the world.
 This processor is 25% more powerful than the Oneplus 7 Pro that came out last year.
 At the same time, the phone has 8GB LPDDR 5 Ram and 128GB storage in one version
 The other The 12GB LPDDR 5 Ram comes with a 256GB storage version
 Also, they use UFS 3.0 + Turbo Write storage for this phone, so you can expect a storage speed higher than normal UFS 3.0
 If the processor of a phone is powerful and the ram is high, we can get good performance, just like the speed of that processor.  Speed, we can’t get the full power of the processor without the speed of the two.  Science can have a say, so no matter the phone Snapdragon 865 processor with a cell phone from the other host can snapdragon 865 known that one of the fastest from cell phone have a processor.
 This processor has the same 5G support and WIFi 6 support as the other 865 phones.
 How’s the display? In short, it has one of the best displays in the world right now.
 There’s a 6.78-inch QHD Amoled Panel, they call it a QHD Fluid Amoled Panel,
 Also, this phone has a screen refresh rate of 120 Hz, so you can get a much smoother experience when you use this phone’s display than your normal 60 and 90 Hz phones.
 This display is also HDR 10+.
 DisplayMate also boasts a high A + rating for this phone display.  The color acuity (which can display more than a billion colors on this display) and the Nitra 1300 Brightness level are very good.
 What’s the status of Battery Life? This phone also has a satisfactory 4510mah battery, not the largest capacitance battery in this segment but satisfactory.
 Usually, Oneplus’s previous phones and the battery weren’t that big, but battery optimization was good, so they usually had a satisfactory battery life, so this phone has the same, but the 120 HZ QHD display usually needs more power  Comes with a 60HZ, 90HZ refresh rate with a normal full hd display, but not enough battery life  I think you’ll have a dārana Battery Life
 It’s hard to give everything the same, so if you want to use a 120HZ QHD display, you have to sacrifice a little bit of battery life, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a refresh rate or display resolution  have .
 Also, this phone supports 30 watt fast charging, so it’s not the fastest charging system currently available, compared to the 40, 45, 50, 65 watt charging system on other phones, but
 The battery is large enough to charge 50% in 23 minutes, and can charge from 0% to 100% in one hour and 5 minutes,
 As an example, you can charge your phone with the famous iPhone 11 pro Max for 2 hours in full charge.
 It also supports fast 30W wireless charging to this phone, currently one of the fastest wireless charging phones in the world. It can charge you up to 50% within half an hour, but you have a 30W wireless charger provided by oneplus.  It has to be
 Waterproof The Phone Can I have photos in the water? First of all, this is not a cell phone, water resistant, any cell phone that comes with a waterproof surface. Do not hold it in the water. If you do know the system, you will not press on the water, I will post a separate post  Explain that,
 This phone also has an iP 68 water resistant feature,
 Do not press water, water resistant. No phone company in the world warrants it.  Not to save or to save, but to keep it in your head.
 How’s the camera There’s four cameras on the back of this phone,
 Main camera with 48 megapixel f1.8 aperture The camera comes with both Omnidirectional (Omnidirectional) Face Detection Autofocus and Laser Autofocus, making it easy to focus at any time, and this camera offers optical image stabilization and low speed shutter speeds.  To minimize movement.
 Camera with 8 megapixel f2.4 aperture With this camera digitally cropped and zoom, we can optically zoom 3X zoom without getting lost. Zoom is the camera that came with it, and this camera also comes with Pace Detection Autofocus and Optical Image Stabilization.
 Ultra wide angle camera with 48 megapixel f2.2 aperture This wide-angle camera is one of the best wide-angle cameras currently available, and one of the main camera cameras. It also has the ability to take very clear vidual photos from the camera. And this camera has made it possible to take macro photos.  You can get things like Kubi
 5 megapixel depth camera This camera is going to get depth information in most of the photos we take, I’ll explain about that in another post.
 And also
 1080P Video can record 30fps, 60fps and 240fps SlowMotion video
 4K Video makes it easy to do at 30fps and 60fps
 The phone also has a very good electronic image stabilization system to keep the video moving.
 There’s a 16-megapixel selfie camera, and it’s a wide-angle lens so you can take more photos when you get selfie.
 Front camera can also record 1080p Full HD video with electronic image stabilization.
 So from the past, Oneplus is not only one of the best camera phones in the world, but also one of the best camera phones in the world.
 But this year they’ve been putting more and more cameras on, so they say this year they’ve done some improvements to their camera.
 And the DXO Mark has yet to rank this camera system. I’ll bring you a post as soon as they rank,
 But as far as I am concerned, if you don’t have one of the best cameras, the camera is fair enough,
 Much better in Daylight Condition.  But the low light conditions are a bit of a downer
 Since the phone is still new, they’ll definitely be updating the software in the future.
 All you have to say is that the Oneplus 8 Pro has a camera system that anyone can be satisfied with.  This is also the best camera on the phone with Oneplus
 How’s the OS? This is where Oneplus excels,
 This phone also has Android 10 with Oneplus’s custom skin, Oxygen OS 10.0,
 The specialty of this skin is that they make it very simple, easy to use, eye-pleasing, and similar to the original Android Look.
 And no matter how simple it is, as with most phones, it gets a lot of finishes,
 It doesn’t even include Bloatware
 Oxygen OS is one of the best user interfaces you can get in the world, the Smooth, Best Experience,
 How’s the sound The phone gets two good stereo speakers, one on the front and the other on the bottom frame of the phone.
 We don’t get a headset jack like we do on other cell phones, but you can use a Type C headset or a Bluetooth headset.
 You’ll get Dolby Atmos on this cellphone to increase the headset sound experience.
 So how’s the phone worth? Yeah, it doesn’t matter what you’re paying, because you’re special
 It has a display like this one Good puffs You won’t find a phone that’s cheap,
 And other things on this phone, even if it is not the best level in the world, a user who has been able to use all the flaws to make it easy for a user to use, can be reconsidered.
 If there is only one small flaw, you have to say with the amount paid on the phone and last year’s phone, this time the base model’s internal storage is not enough.  Thought that
 Apart from that, it is a pretty good phone for every other aspect, a phone that can record.

one plus 8 pro
one plus 8 pro

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